Please pass the turkey

I know, I know it seems a little  early to be thinking about Thanksgiving. The weather is warmer, the rains have started, the traffic has lessened… but now is actually the perfect time to get your new table and chairs, sleeper, or sofa in preparation for next winter when all of the guests are visiting.

Sargent Photography
Don’t forget to complete the look and your needs with a buffet! (Above available at Being)

Because before you know it, it’s football season again, there’s a chill in the air (up north) and we’re sitting back at that table that just can’t seat everyone, your sister is complaining about the lumpy sofa and your husband is holding his back after sleeping on an old, full- sized bed that should have been a California King a long time ago.


Why is now the perfect time?  Because it gives you summer for your custom pieces t0 be made just for you, safely shipped and delivered to your home, outside of the usual stress of the holidays.

So let’s reimagine it…your new table and chairs a major refreshment to your dining space. Everyone comfortable, all the dishes being served -and the guests -fit at the table and you’re actually able to enjoy your meal without going back and forth to the kitchen to get seconds for everyone. No complaints from your sister, and your husband’s feet are no longer hanging off the edge of the bed. Nice…Happy Thanksgiving.


Say it with a card

Emails, texting, social media…there are so many ways to connect that are at the tip of your fingertips or the click of a mouse – and it’s instant! So even if you forget someone’s birthday or anniversary, you can still ‘get something out’ the day-of virtually. And truly – it’s better than nothing. But I like to reserve virtual for the most basic of relationships.

Because what really touches us? For me it’s being remembered, truly remembered before the day. Not just because the big FB reminded you, but because you have it personally noted in your calendar. My birthday, anniversary or special day is something important to you, because I am; without being prodded by Social Media.

(Above: A sampling of John Scheffel’s cards available at Being…)

Call me old-fashioned but I’m tactile. There’s an entirely different frequency on a card mailed to me versus well-wishes on the virtual level. I can pick it up, touch it, see the handwriting, even smell the sentiment. It engages me senses and heart on a much more intimate, deeper level. So – yes – for me when it’s important, I’ll be saying it with a card.