Designing Your Bookshelf

Shelving is a necessity for most of us, and bookshelves can create an anchor and a statement in every room.

The thing to remember with shelves is that they need a plan, just like everything else. Following you’ll see three different ideas of how to style your shelves to get you started. But before you get started just one point-

Be be sure to do some deep editing. To achieve the look you’re going for requires a bit of restraint. So again, once you’ve got the look, create a pile of what will go on the shelves and what will be kept for other areas, or potentially donated or recycled in some way. Yep, once you’ve decided on the look you’re going for – purge.

  1. Organized Chaos: This has a little bit of everything from books to knickknacks, but intention is here in the organization of color and the variation of how the books are stacked either horizontally or vertically. A good choice for those of you who had a hard time with the purging… = )


2. Less is More: This look is that minimalist, simple look. Edited, clean, intentional.


3. Color it Beautiful: This is a great way to play with the color you’ve brought into the space on the walls. Simply purchase or paint your bookshelf white and you’ve got a crisp and clean deposit into the vibe for your room.


Here are a few different looks available through Being:

Happy Shelving!